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International Seminary Formators┤ Course - Rome, Italy - June 25 - July 30, 2015
Course for the Formation of Future Priests. June 25-July 30, 2015. Rome, Italy.

Formators Course XXIII


Integral Formation of Priests
June 25 - July 30, 2015
Rome, Italy

Since 1991, 1,550 priests from 96 countries and 672 dioceses have taken part in this course. In addition to the annual international course, similar workshops have been held at a national level in Colombia, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Philippines, Tanzania, Ghana and others. The international course has also enjoyed the support of many bishops who have participated as special invitees. 

The course is meant to help diocesan bishops in the preparation and ongoing formation of those who are dedicated to the formation of future priests. It provides priests from various countries the opportunity to apply the faith to current events as well as offer a forum for exchanging ideas. We pay special attention to the challenges that today’s culture presents. We offer an integral vision of the formation process. And we also go in more depth, in the workshop, both theoretically and practically, into a particularly relevant formation theme - the identity of the diocesan priest. Lastly, we enrich theoretical and pastoral elements with a solid spirituality and priestly fraternity. 

The course is open to bishops, rectors, spiritual directors, and other seminary formators.

•June 25: Arrival for Spiritual Exercises 
•June 26 - 01 July: Spiritual Exercises (optional)
•July 02: Arrival day
•July 03 - 29: Academic Activities 
•July 30: Departure 


€ 2250 (to be paid before or upon arrival)

Payment includes registration, room and boards, meals, and course materials.

A discount may be granted to those unable to pay the full amount and provide a reasonable motive. Such petitions must be made before January 15, 2015.



Languages: Simultaneous translation will be provided in English, Italian, Spanish and French.

Daily activities: Lauds and concelebration of the Eucharist, Vespers before the Blessed Sacrament.

Academic activities: Lectures, case studies, group discussions, question and answer sessions, personal study.

List of topics: The topics will cover theology, pedagogy, pastoral, and organizational themes.

•The ministerial role of a formator
•Principles of the formation process
•Prayer life and the Identification with Christ
•Maturity and other aspects of human formation

•The role of psychology in the integral formation process
•Pastoral charity and its manifestations
•Intellectual development and academic formation


JESÚS VILLAGRASA, LC, STL, PhD (SPAIN) He is currently the Rector of the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum and spiritual director of philosophy and theology students, and was a seminary formator in Chile. He is the head of the Department of Metaphysics at the Regina Apostolorum University and is a member of the International Society of St. Thomas Aquinas (SITA). He has published numerous books and articles, including an analysis on the challenges presented by globalization. He is an editorial advisor for the journal Ecclesia.

OWEN KEARNS, LC, PhL, STL (IRELAND) He has been a guide in the United States for over 16 years for young men discerning the priestly vocation. He also specializes in conferences and retreats for priests. He is the former publisher and editor-in-chief of the weekly newspaper, National Catholic Register.  

ANTHONY BANNON, LC, PhL (IRELAND) He is a former provincial of the Legionaries of Christ in North America and is a highly experienced formator of seminarians. At present, he dedicates himself to the spiritual guidance of priests, seminarians and youth and oversees the development of the apostolic work of Regnum Christi on the West Coast of the United States. He is the author of several books on the vocation and discernment: Peter on the Shore, Vocation: Questions and Answers, Launch into the Deep (Circle Press). He is also the director of the website www.vocation.com.

ROBERTO GONZÁLEZ, LC, STD (MEXICO) He has many years of experience in preaching spiritual exercises to priests and seminarians, as well as offering spiritual direction to seminarians. He worked for the Congregation for Bishops for more than 15 years and is currently a professor of moral theology at the Regina Apostolorum University in Rome.

MICHAEL RYAN, LC, PhD (IRELAND) He specializes in pastoral themes, especially social ethics, business ethics, matrimony, and the family. He had served as the dean of philosophy in the Regina Apostolorum University. His book on the importance of communication in marriage entitled, The Last Straw, has been translated into five languages.

TONY ANATRELLA, SJ (FRANCE) He is a psychoanalyst and specialist in social psychiatry. In 2007, he was appointed by Benedict XVI as consultant for the Pontifical Council for the Family as well as the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Health Care. He is professor at the Institut de Philosophie Comparée in Paris (IPC). His books include: El Sexo Olvidado (The Forgotten Sex) (1990), LAmour et le Préservatif (Love and Contraception) (1995), Le Règne de Narcisse (The Kingdom of Narcissus) (2005) and La Diferencia Prohibida (The Forbidden Difference) (2008).


A diploma is accredited through the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum to all who participate in the full course of academic activities.

Pontificio Collegio Iternazionale Maria Mater Ecclesiae
Via Pietro de Francisci s.n.c (Via Aurelia 737) 
00165 Roma, Italia
Tel. (+39) 06.665261


"The course has given me a new meaning to my priesthood. It has broadened my horizon on my work. There is now the urge in me to do more to help young people who express the desire to become a priest. I have realized the need to do more in accompanying my seminarians to respond positively to the call of God. I want to thank the organizers for this wonderful program. The seminarians were wonderful in their service to make us happy. They really inspired me. God bless them and lead them to his altar." -Fr. Anthony Appiah (Tamale, GHANA)

"The course for me was a launching pad for my seminary work. I’ve been a formator for only two years now, and I see how I needed to better plan out my goals, means and methods for formation. I would say that, for my life, the course has met my expected goals. We won’t find perfeciton in this world, but this course has marked my life greatly, in particular through the experiences of International eclesial comunión and the witness of so many brothers in the priesthood, seminarians and their formators. It’s really been a good course!"
-Pierpaolo Cilla (Acerenza, ITALIA)

 "I have found this course a very good introduction for my work as formator. The meeting with priests from around the world and the excellent service and good example of prayerfulness from the brothers of the legionaries of Christ."
-Bernard Gordon (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)