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Helping the Pastors of the Church

Testimonio del P. Juan Carlos Lisa

"Vine buscando profundizar mi experiencia cristiana y sacerdotal. Vine buscando navegar mar adentro, decidirme a un seguimiento del Señor Jesús sin peros, sin miradas hacia atrás, sin medias tintas. Vine con un deseo de encontrarlo nuevamente para que mi corazón...

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Greetings from the Holy Land!

Dear Friends, Greetings from the Holy Land! Our priestly renewal pilgrimage with 22 priests is going very well thanks be to God! We have already been to mount Tabor, the Sea of Galilee, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and so many other places of such Christian and priestly...

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Words from Pope Francis

“Dear lay faithful, be close to your priests with affection and with your prayers, that they may be always be shepherds according to God’s heart. And pray for those whom God is calling to be priests that they may respond to this call with humility and joy. Dear...

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