Face-to-face Courses


Seminary Formators



All priests are prepared to serve God’s people. However, few priests are trained to be seminary formators. As a response to the need of those that work in seminaries to update and inform themselves on seminary pedagogy, Sacerdos Institute organizes a one-month course dealing with the most important themes of seminarian formation. From seminary psychology and human development to spirituality and apostolic formation.

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Exorcism and Prayer of

Liberation Course


The course proposes an academic and interdisciplinary research on the ministry of exorcism and prayer of liberation. It covers a wide range of issues: anthropological, phenomenological, social, theological, liturgical, canonical, pastoral, spiritual, medical, neuroscientific, pharmacological, symbolic, criminological, legal and juridical ones.The course will be held at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum in collaboration with the Group for Socio-religious Research and Information (GRIS) of Bologna.

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Holy Land Priestly



A priest’s life can be very demanding, whether it be celebrating the sacraments or administrating a parish. However, each priest must strive to keep his experience of Christ’s love in his life fresh since this is the source of his vocation. A great way to renew your experience of Christ and your priesthood is by walking in HIS footsteps with the Holy Land Priestly renewal course. It takes place twice a year: in January and in July. 

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