Istituto Sacerdos

Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum

Istituto Sacerdos

Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum

Permanent training courses are offered for Catholic priests and ministers

Presential courses

Course for seminary formators

The course aims to address the most important topics of the seminarian’s formation, topics ranging from psychology to human development, from spirituality to apostolic formation.

Exorcism course and the prayer of liberation

It is the first course in the world that offers careful academic and interdisciplinary research at the service of those who exercise the ministry of exorcism and the prayer of liberation.

Priestly renewal in the Holy Land

The course aims to help each priest to renew the meaning and purpose of his priesthood by following the steps and mysteries of the life of our Lord.

Training course
Meet, welcome, listen:
The Help Report

The aim of the course is the acquisition of relational communication skills, to support the man of today, immersed in a complex reality, to improve interpersonal qualities and to be able to offer a capacity for intervention and competent accompaniment and concrete help.

Training days
“For a welcoming church that counteracts violence against women”

The course, organized by the Institute of Higher Studies on Women in collaboration with the Sacerdos Institute, offers the methodological, theoretical and practical tools for an integrated approach to address and support victims of violence.

Series of recorded online update conferences

From seminar trainers course

Series of conferences held by P. Amedeo Cencini, P. Armando Santoro and P. Raffaele Di Muro as part of the course for seminar formators 2018.

From the course on exorcism and the prayer of liberation

Series of lectures from the exorcism and liberation prayer courses 2017 and 2018.

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Who we are

The Sacerdos Institute is part of the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University and is an international academic reality that deals with the spiritual, theological and pastoral formation of priests.