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Holy Land Priestly Renewal January 2021
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Holy Land Priestly Renewal July 2021
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The course takes place in Jerusalem at the Pontifical Institute of Notre Dame and is achieved through an organized program of guided tours, lectures, spiritual retreats based on the renewal of baptismal and priestly promises, daily Eucharistic adoration, ecumenical encounters and the opportunity to visit the places of Christ’s life. The course is aimed at helping each priest renew the sense and purpose of his priesthood by following the steps and mysteries of Our Lord’s life. The course, organized twice a year, lasts three weeks and includes a stay in Jerusalem and Galilee with day excursions to the other significant areas of Christ’s life. Precise and spiritual explanations of each place, and the historical background to the Holy Land, are given by experienced priests, authorized by the Episcopal Commission of Christian Pilgrimages. The participating priests come from all over the world; India, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, Austria, England, Ireland, the United States, Mexico and South American countries.

General description of itinerary:

  • Jerusalem: Visit to the Temple
  • Bethlehem: Visit to the location of the Lord’s birth. First retreat day
  • Travel North: Visit Jordan river and Jericho with mass on Mount Tabor before arriving in Galilee
  • Galilee: visit to the locations of Our Lord’s home and ministry: Capernaum, Bethsaida, the Mount of the Beatitudes, Caesarea Philippi, Magdala, Nazareth and Cana.
  • Visit to Magdala and second retreat day
  • Visit to Mount Carmel and Muhraqa on the journey back to Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem: Continue reflections with the ‘Desert Day’ and visit to the Dead Sea
  • Jerusalem: pilgrimage to the Mount of Olives and the places of Our Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection. Additionally we will visit the birth-place of St. John the Baptist, Samaria, Mount Gerizim and Jacob’s Well.
  • Jerusalem: culmination of the priestly renewal with final retreat in the Franciscan Cenacle Church.

Thanks to the generosity of one of our benefactors, we have a “Perpetual Succour Scholarship Fund” offering scholarships for this course. If you desire to request a scholarship, please download the document with instructions: Scholarship for Priestly Renewal in The Holy Land Course.

For July 2020 course the scholarships are no longer available, they have all already been distributed.

Guest Speakers
  • His Excellency Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Apostolic administrator for the Latin patriarchate of Jerusalem
  • Fr. Artemio Vitores, OFM (Guardian of the Nativity in Bethlehem)


  • 13 january (arrival) – 1 february (departure) Spanish and English
  • In light of the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, the Sacerdos Institute has suspended its academical programs. We regret to inform you that the priestly renewal course (July trek) have been cancelled. For further information, please contact the secretariat :


  • 11 january (arrival) – 30 january (departure) Spanish and English
  • 12 july (arrival) – 31 july (departure) Spanish and English


  • 10 january (arrival) – 29 january (departure) Spanish and English
  • 11 july (arrival) – 30 july (departure) Spanish and English 


  • 9 january (arrival) – 28 january (departure) Spanish and English
  • 10 july (arrival) – 29 july (departure) Spanish and English

Our course is based in the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center:

3, Paratroopers Road

9120502 – Jerusalem

Tel. (+972) 262.79.111


It is located just outside the walls of the Old City and just minutes away from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.


Registration : € 2,500.00

It includes: shared room, medical insurance during the course

It does not include: extra days, airplane tickets, personal medical expenses and tips*.

Single room supplement: € 500.00





*It’s part of the local custom to give a tip in restaurants and hotels. For this reason each participant will contribute with an amount of € 50.00 and the tips will be payed as a group.  

Course Requirements
  1. Online application form;
  2. a copy of Bishop Recommendation letter;
  3. a copy of electronic scan of passport (image and personal information) *the passport must be valid through 6 months after the end of the course;
  4. a copy of Curriculum Vitae.