Course on the exorcism minister and the liberation prayer

The first course in the world on the ministry of the exorcism and prayer of liberation that it offers an academic and interdisciplinary research on the ministry of exorcism and prayer of liberation. 

Our course is based in the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum of  Rome, in collaboration with the Group for Socio-religious Research and Information (GRIS) of Bologna and will address a wide range of issues: anthropological, phenomenological, social, theological, liturgical, canonical, pastoral, spiritual, medical, neuroscientific, pharmacological, symbolic, criminological, legal and juridical ones.

The course in short


16 – 21 May 2022


Auditorium Giovanni Paolo II

Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum

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Simultaneous translation available in English and Spanish

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  • a copy of the valid celebret (please check the date)
  • a copy of the identity document

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  • filling of the contact form
  • a copy of the parish priest’s authorization letter countersigned and stamped also by the bishop;
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Enrollment course in presential mode*

*Requirements for entrance into the Athenaeum

€ 450,00 


  • 5 lunches from Monday to Friday
  • Translation into Italian if the speaker speaks in another language

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  • Accommodation

Simultaneous translation in English, Spanish and Portuguese

€ 300,00.

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€ 600,00 (translation included).

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Beyond this date and time limit, the cost of the course will be € 30.00 more.

Please note that reimbursement can be granted if a formal request is sent by 10 May in which the reasons for not participating in the course are expressed.

After receiving the opinion of the University administration, the Institute will notify the interested party of the approved percentage to be reimbursed.

Enrolment closing date: 10 May 2022

Head office

The course is held in the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University, “John Paul II Auditorium”.

Via degli Aldobrandeschi, 190
000163 – Roma

Tel. (+39) 340.84.66.025 

Suggested accommodations

The request, booking and payment for accommodation are the responsibility of the participant.

Pontifical College Maria Mater Ecclesiae

Largo Girolamo Minervini, 3
(corner Via Pietro de Francisci)
00165 – Rome, Italy

Tel. (+39)

Institute of the Franciscan Sisters Angeline
“Pope John XXIII” Welcome House

Via di Villa Troili, 26
00163 – Roma, Italia

Tel. (+39)
Fax (+39)

Benedictine Missionary Sisters of Tutzing

Via dei Bevilacqua, 60
00165 – Roma, Italia
Tel. (+39) 06.66.500.61

Hotel Aurelia Antica

Via degli Aldobrandeschi, 223
00163 – Roma


Hotel The Brand Roma

Via degli Aldobrandeschi, 295
00163 – Roma